Hatfield McCoy Trails

The Hatfield McCoy Trail Systems

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails are made up of over 1000+ miles of trails across 10 Trail Systems and are located in the history rich Appalachian Mountains of southern West Virginia. One of the largest off-highway vehicle trail systems in the world, Hatfield-McCoy Trails is open 365 days a year and offers riding for every skill level.

Trails range from the scenic mountain views of Rockhouse, to the tight and twisting trails of Devil Anse. All trail systems connect to West Virginia’s “ATV Friendly Towns” where visitors can ride directly on the highways inside town limits, grab a bite to eat, and experience true Southern hospitality.

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Rockhouse Trail System

Being the largest single trail system & one of three original HMT systems. (opened in October 2000) With over 100 miles of trails, RockHouse offers a wide variety of trails at all difficulty levels. It is especially popular with riders who are looking for an “Extreme” riding experience. This trail system has direct access to the ATV-friendly towns of Man and Gilbert, WV. Each of these towns offer fuel, food and lodging, along with a generous helping of southern hospitality.

Devil Anse Trail System

The Devil Anse Trail System links up to two other Hatfield McCoy Trail Systems- Rockhouse and Buffalo Mountain- totaling over 300 miles. The trailhead is located in the town of Matewan, historically known for being the heart of the Hatfield McCoy Feud. The trail system has direct access to gas, food and lodging.

Buffalo Mountain Trail System

Historic Relevance to the Hatfield-McCoy Feud & Matewan Massacre (opened in October 2000). Buffalo Mountain is known as the most historic trail system, as well as the one with the most single track trails, making it incredibly popular with dirt bike enthusiasts. This system has three community connectors providing direct access to the ATV-friendly towns of Matewan, Delbarton and Williamson, WV. Each of these towns offer gas, food and lodging.

Bear Wallow Trail System

Bearwallow is located near the ATV-friendly town of Logan, WV. It is one of the original three systems of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails and is commonly known for its single track and Most Difficult-rated trails. It’ s mix of easy- riding scenic vistas and difficult trails make it one of the more popular systems for the Hatfield-McCoy Trails. This trail system has direct access to gas, food and lodging. Bearwallow is the only trail to be open to ORVs as well as ATVs, UTVs and off-road motorcycles.

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Pinnacle Creek Trail System

Located only 45 mins trailering from our location.
Pinnacle Creek, has direct connections to the ATV- friendly towns of Mullens and Pineville, WV, is known for its breathtaking scenic views. This trail system has direct access to gas, food and lodging.

This trail system also connects with the two other Hatfield-McCoy Trail Systems—Indian Ridge and Pocahontas—to allow extended off-road trips.

Warrior Trail System

Located only 1 hour trailering from our location.
The Warrior Trail System is located in the City of War which is West Virginia’s most southern city. This trail system also accesses the ATV-friendly City of Gary. The Warrior Trail System offers numerous scenic views and has direct access to gas and food.

Ivy Branch Trail System

Located only 1 hour trailering from our location.
Ivy Branch Trail System – located just twenty-minutes from West Virginia’s capitol city of Charleston – offers real adventure for riders of full-sized, off-road vehicles like Jeeps and land cruisers along with ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes.

Cabwaylingo Trail System

Located only 1 hour trailering from our location.
Cabwaylingo State Forest sits on nearly 8,300 acres of land in southern West Virginia. Its colorful name was chosen as a combination of the four closest West Virginia counties surrounding the forest – Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, and Mingo. ATV, UTV, ORV (such as Jeeps) and dirt bike riders will find nearly 100 miles of new trails to explore.

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